Women Living Meaningful Lives: #WELCATG Reflections

welca_logo.253This past weekend I had the joy of attending the 2017 Triennial Gathering of the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (#WELCATG). This was the first time that RHW Consulting participated in an event as an exhibitor. #WELCATG gathered 3,000 participants from around the United States and hosted a number of international guests. The theme was “All Anew” and the gathering focused on topics of reformation and transformation.

Workshops, bible studies, service projects, health activities and movie screenings were offered to participants as they considered how they were being called to renewal. The exhibit hall included vendors selling crafts, organizations sharing information about justice ministries and ministry leaders advertising various opportunities within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

IMG_5632I was honored to lead a workshop entitled, “You Are Not Alone: Facing Shame with Faith, Courage and Love.” Over 400 participants attended this interactive workshop and women expressed their gratitude for an experience that offered a safe space to talk about shame and it’s impact on their lives. Tears were shed, laughter was heard and conversations were ignited that connected women across the generations in the reality of life’s trials and tribulations. It became clear that women need a space to relate, release and be renewed in who they are and reconnected to who God intended them to be.

In addition to a workshop, I also offered EXCLUSIVE coaching and speaking specials for those attending #WELCATG.


I wasn’t there just to share what I do. I was there to listen and learn from attendees. I asked people what makes life meaningful as they came by our table. Women of all ages responded with wisdom, joy and openness as they reflected upon their lives. We collected images below that share the diverse responses of those we met.

I am very clear that my life is unfolding in ways that utilize my God given gifts and passions. Accompanying women as they figure out what makes life meaningful and helping them live into this reality is a joy.

I am offering specials for those who attended #WELCATG – individual coaching, group coaching and retreat leading – all at a deeply discounted rate. Contact me by July 31st to start your journey of creating and living your most meaningful life.

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