RHW Consulting

Helping you live a meaningful life by embracing the fullness of who you are.


Founded by Rozella Haydée White, RHW Consulting was born out of a deep desire to help others become aware of who God has created them to be and grow in their love, understanding and compassion of self in order to be in authentic relationship with others and use their gifts to transform the world.

Mission Statement: To accompany individuals, communities and organizations through coaching, creating and consulting to bring about healing, growth and transformation.


  1. Relevancy – RHW Consulting creates services that speak to a client’s needs and context. We meet you where you are.
  2. Honesty – RHW Consulting is built on trust and authentic relationships. We are committed to being transparent.
  3. Willingness – RHW Consulting is constantly seeking out best practices and new models to provide superior service. We will treat each client like they are our only client.

RHW Consulting seeks to walk with partners as they uncover their gifts and passions and how they intersect with the needs present in the world. RHW Consulting chooses to work with people, organizations and businesses that are outwardly focused and committed to change and transformation.

RHW Consulting is passionate about supporting individuals, congregations and faith-based organizations as they deepen their faith, uncover their identity, discern their vocation and develop as justice seeking leaders and communities. Our hope is to accompany others on their journeys as they seek healing, embrace growth and experience transformation.

RHW Consulting provides coaching, consulting, preaching, speaking and writing services all focused on helping clients live a meaningful life by embracing the fullness of who they are.

  • COACHING is focused on accompanying an individual or group as they uncover their gifts, skills and talents for the purpose of living a more meaningful life. RHW Consulting primarily engages in transitional life coaching and transformational leadership coaching.
  • CONSULTING is the process of sharing expertise with an individual, group or organization as they seek to more fully live into their purpose and make a difference in their context.
  • PREACHING is the act of sharing the Gospel – the Good News of Jesus Christ – so that hearers learn something new, consider their own life and experiences, dig deeper into contextual realties, are convicted about the ways in which they are disconnected from God and others and encounter words of grace and healing that propel them into a new reality.
  • PUBLIC SPEAKING is the act of sacred storytelling that leads to empowerment so that the participant is given tools to reflect on where they’ve been, consider what they’ve learned and create a new paradigm for their life.
  • WRITING uses words to invite readers to explore their own vulnerability, consider a new perspective and be invited into deeper reflection so that they come to embrace the fullness of who they are.

Details of each service offering is listed under the Services tab and you can visit our media page for audio, visual and written examples of our work.

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