Random #RozeReflections: Your Tribe Matters

Last week was a doozy. The Election and the reality of the country I live in gave way to a profound gut check. I was forced to seriously consider my beliefs and my call.

  • Am I really someone who has faith in the impossible?
  • Am I really called to accompany people as they figure out what a meaningful life looks like?
  • Do I have the where-with-all to help people embrace the fullness of who they are, when I sincerely struggle with ways of being that many people embody?
  • Do I really believe that relationships are the foundation of any and all life giving, transformative change?

I shared about how I felt last Wednesday and spent the rest of the week gathering together my thoughts and feelings. I slept. I cried. I was angry. I was despairing.

In the midst of all of these realities, I also connected with the people who matter most in my life – with my brother and my parents; with my grandmother and my aunt and uncle; with my friends and soul sisters; with my Mission Year team members and colleagues; with my LEAD family. I immersed myself in my relationships, partly because I didn’t know what else to do and partly because they were all I had. When you hit rock bottom, sometimes all you have is your tribe – the people in your life who uplift, support, convict, challenge and fiercely love you. In these moments I realized that, for me, my tribe makes all the difference.

I’ve come to recognize that I honestly believe that who we spend our time with c
an either lead us to live a more meaningful life or lead us to a life that’s not as full or impactful as it could be. Continue reading “Random #RozeReflections: Your Tribe Matters”

The Morning After Election 2016


Today is Holy Saturday.

In the Christian tradition, Holy Saturday is the day after Good Friday, when God in the person of Jesus was crucified. It is the day before Easter Sunday, when we believe that Christ was resurrected.

It was a day when all hope was lost; when the alternative reality that people had a glimpse of was ripped from their grasp. It was a day when people saw each other for who they were. When Judas recognized his erroneous ways. When Peter came to terms with the fact that he wasn’t as committed to his Lord as he had said.

It was a day when the mother of Jesus mourned the loss of her son. There was no consolation. There was no move to hope. There was only lament and grief and wails. There was darkness. There was no light. Continue reading “The Morning After Election 2016”