Random #RozeReflections: Your Tribe Matters

Last week was a doozy. The Election and the reality of the country I live in gave way to a profound gut check. I was forced to seriously consider my beliefs and my call.

  • Am I really someone who has faith in the impossible?
  • Am I really called to accompany people as they figure out what a meaningful life looks like?
  • Do I have the where-with-all to help people embrace the fullness of who they are, when I sincerely struggle with ways of being that many people embody?
  • Do I really believe that relationships are the foundation of any and all life giving, transformative change?

I shared about how I felt last Wednesday and spent the rest of the week gathering together my thoughts and feelings. I slept. I cried. I was angry. I was despairing.

In the midst of all of these realities, I also connected with the people who matter most in my life – with my brother and my parents; with my grandmother and my aunt and uncle; with my friends and soul sisters; with my Mission Year team members and colleagues; with my LEAD family. I immersed myself in my relationships, partly because I didn’t know what else to do and partly because they were all I had. When you hit rock bottom, sometimes all you have is your tribe – the people in your life who uplift, support, convict, challenge and fiercely love you. In these moments I realized that, for me, my tribe makes all the difference.

I’ve come to recognize that I honestly believe that who we spend our time with c
an either lead us to live a more meaningful life or lead us to a life that’s not as full or impactful as it could be. Continue reading “Random #RozeReflections: Your Tribe Matters”