Rozella is an authentic and compassionate human being, and it comes through in all that she does. She is a skilled presenter and facilitator, handling the group conversation with poise, kindness, and humor. She is a joy to work with, goes with the flow, maintains professionalism without being distant, and does not add unnecessary anxiety to the atmosphere. She helped stretch us in ways that will be useful as individuals, as a community of women and as God’s people for this world.

Assistant to the Bishop (Wisconsin)

When I became the mission developer and pastor of Shekinah Chapel in 2007, I  brought many skills from the business community with me into ministry. People loved the new and innovative ideas that I introduced to the community. However, I had one problem – these ideas were in my head and were not in writing. I had a difficult time communicating the vision and goals to my congregation and to others who were seeking to partner with us. Rozella helped articulate my vision and created a leadership development manual that clearly described and articulated the ministry idea – The Great Commission Lay Minister Project. She took my thoughts and ideas and created a proposal, presentation and manual for this exciting ministry.  Rozella’s interpersonal skills are refreshing and her attention to detail assured me that she indeed listened to what I wanted and needed. She was able to design in days what would have taken us years.

Rev. Curry, Shekinah Chapel (Chicago, IL)